Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Terms and conditions of use of the online store

This online store is created by Marvel Commercial and is pleased to provide her shop with all the information, tools, products and services available on this site to her client, which is referred to later as the user.


Dear User You agree to accept all the terms and conditions and notes that we will mention in our website and just visit our store or purchase any of our products through it you become a participant in our services and agreed to all the terms and conditions of service provided to you and these conditions apply to all users of the site and agree to part of them You can not benefit from it and please read it carefully before entering the site and use it and continue to enter the site evidence of acceptance of the conditions and updates


 : Terms of use 


1 / You acknowledge that you have reached the age of majority and have informed us that you agree to be used by anyone who is dependent on the site.

2 / Dear user, you are not allowed to benefit from any of our services for purposes that violate the regulations.

4 / We have the right to refuse to serve you for any reason and any time we deem appropriate.

3 / You are not allowed to transfer any encrypted or unencrypted files of destructive nature or any viruses that may harm the site.

5. Any breach of any provision of this Agreement shall result in the prohibition of your account and your denial of the Services provided.

6 / Your personal data is of concern to us to preserve privacy but may transfer between different networks on the Internet to be modified as appropriate for the programs and devices and networks connected to each other As for (credit cards) This data is encrypted before starting to transfer over the Internet and takes over The responsibility of the payment service provider.

We reserve the right to change the prices of our products at any time and without prior notice. We reserve the right to modify any service at any time or part of the site without prior notice and any time we deem fit and you will not be acting on what we do. Modification, alteration of prices, suspension or suspension of services shall be subject to any legal or legal liability.

8. You may not use, copy or sell any part of the Services or the contents of the Site, use the Service or enter the Store with the data of any other user without our permission.

9 / Our products displayed on the site may be available in a limited manner, which may result in the termination of the quantity of the product can not be replaced, you should see our policy of retrieval and replacement.

We reserve the right to limit the quantities of products offered to the Store at any time without prior notice as we deem fit. We may also suspend any product at any time. There will be no offers for any product that has been suspended by us. We can not guarantee that You will buy from our store that meets your expectations and expectations.

12 / We have the right to cancel any purchase order submitted to us according to what we deem appropriate.

13 / You agree to update your data and information on a continuous basis whenever you want to buy anything from the store including your email address and credit card number and dates so that we can complete your purchases on the site and communicate with you when needed.

Any amendments, suggestions or suggestions you may send to us whether you are asked or not asked, such as sending suggestions, ideas or other materials either through the Internet or by mail, are not binding on us by any modification, publication, distribution or use in any way, We do not commit ourselves to maintaining its confidentiality or to paying compensation for such proposals and we are not obliged to respond thereto. We monitor, modify and delete any content that may appear to us to be abusive, abusive, or otherwise infringing on intellectual property rights or violating the terms of our services provided.

15. You are fully responsible before the competent and judicial authorities. If you prove that you are using a misleading or false e-mail or impersonating another person for the purpose of misleading us so that we do not know the source of any of your comments or you publish the contents of a violation or viruses or malicious software that may harm the site.

16 / We reserve the right to amend any errors that may occur as a result of negligence or inaccuracy by changing or updating information or canceling orders if the information on our site is inaccurate at any time without prior notice even after the order is sent.

17 / You must use the site or any of its contents:

- To send any malicious e-mail messages.

- Catch the information of others and collect and follow up their personal information.

- Stealing the clients of the site and converting them to other sites.

- Upload or convert viruses or any of the software affecting our store.

- the use of the site for libel or for any purposes that are contrary to morality, violation of regulations, violation of intellectual property rights, defamation or degradation.

 Then we may terminate your use of the Site if you violate any of the foregoing.

18 / We provide our services and products to you at the highest level of reasonable commercial and skill and care and we are happy to suit you and enjoy our products, but we can not guarantee that the results you get as accurate as you expect or are appropriate to your expectations you agree that you are responsible for using the service or not Your ability to use it as all the products provided to you through our website have been provided to you with the highest quality of manufacture possible and have passed the tests approved by the concerned parties, but we do not give you any guarantees that they satisfy your personal taste and taste.

Terms of service are valid until they are terminated by us. If we notice any tampering with your application and your compliance with the terms of this agreement, we may terminate it and prevent you from registering on our site.

The terms and conditions published by us on the Site are considered to be the agreement between you and us, which governs your use of our Services, and which supersedes any existing or current agreements or offers.

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